Odette- Three Months Old

Three whole months of our beautiful baby girl. A lot has happened in this past month, not only did we have Christmas and welcome in the New Year, but we also moved house. It has taken me a while to get back on the blog, due to a lack on wifi and generally just not having the time. But, here it is, the first blog of 2019- Odette at three months old.

Rarely can Odette be found without her hand in her mouth, and pretty much every outfit now has to accessorized with a dribble bib. The drool is unreal. She loves lying under her play gym and will stare at the high contrast toys and books for quite sometime before she gets bored. Because of her sister, I think it’s safe to say she’s already a Disney fan too!!

Odette has fit into our family perfectly. Due to our lifestyle and the busy lives we lead, her routine has had to work around ours, and don’t ask me how we’ve done it, but it all seems to be matching up brilliantly. She is very much loved by all of her family.

Again, just like at her one month update (…and lets just forget her two month one completely!!) I have no idea how much she weighs. However I do know that on the 7th January, at 10 weeks old she weighed 11lb 14oz which puts her on the 50th percentile, which is where she has been since her 6 week check up with the HV, and means she is following in her sisters footprints as an ‘average’ child. She is now comfortably wearing 0-3 clothing, and will probably get at least 3/4 weeks more wear out it, some of it longer.

She had her first set of immunisations which she found really tough. She had a fever for 48 hours and wanted to be close all the time. So we did a lot of baby wearing and got through it eventually. About 1 week later she got her first cold, with quite a nasty rattly cough- but it didn’t hang around too long and she now seems in good health again. The doctor checked her over before they administered her immunisations and was very happy with her health and development.

In her last update, I told you about her skin, and how she was covered in baby acne. The HV told us to keep a close eye on it at her 6 week check, as she said it was a bad case and could in fact have been eczema. Luckily for Odette, it cleared up after a few more weeks and her skin is now beautifully soft and clear.

Odette has now completed leaps 1,2 and 3 from the Wonder Weeks and is currently in the early stages of leap 4. My memory of this developmental leap from Ivy is one of pure hate…but so far *touch wood* Odette seems to be coping brilliantly. Her mood hasn’t altered really, but she has stopped sleeping through her sleep cycles, so daytime naps have been reduced to 30/40 mins and her nighttime wake ups have changed to every 2/3 hours. Still very manageable, and we are all very happy and comfortable with the amount of sleep we are getting. We have now been in a routine of 7pm bedtime for a few weeks, so she’s goes down upstairs in the bedside crib and sleeps well on her own until we go up to bed. We are still very happily breast feeding, and so far the bottle has not been our friend. I continue to pump, to build up a milk store in the freezer, but we are yet to find a bottle that she will take. Any suggestions welcomed. I don’t want to stop bf’ing at all, but I would like to be able to go out for more than 3 hours knowing that she would take it if needed.

Odette smiles constantly, but you are guaranteed the biggest and best ones from face to face interactions. She loves faces and she literally beams when you smile at her. She is extremely chatty and will sit and coo for ages. We have also just about managed to sneak a little giggle from her, her daddy is totally claiming that first one and quite rightly too. She is a fan of songs/nursery rhymes and loves a good nose bop too!!

So there you have it! Three whole months of Odette. 1/4 of a year done already!


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  1. Odette is so cute. Look alike a doll. 🙆


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