…and then there were four!

It’s been a while…I took a short break whilst we did something huge.  We had a baby!


We were a little family of three, fumbling through life…and then suddenly there were four of us! I shouldn’t act too surprised, It’s not like I didn’t know it was going to happen.  Having documented my pregnancy on here and over on my Instagram, I’m sure it’s no surprise to you either.

So here we are, 12 days in and absolutely loving our new life.

On the 27th October, a total of 12 days late, ‘Odette Edith Cherrington’ arrived safely into the world weighing 8lb 9oz. I will share the birth story in detail soon, but for now I will just tell you that it was natural (hurrah!) anyone who has read Ivy’s birth story will know how important that was for me this time around, and it all happened VERY quickly.

Odette is a happy little baba, and so far she is fitting into our busy life perfectly.  I think it is only natural for second baba’s to slot into life a little easier.  Maybe it’s because we’re more prepared…having been there before it doesn’t feel quite so daunting.  We’re already parents, we have (some) idea of what we’re doing already.  And our life hasn’t changed drastically this time around.  We already have Ivy, who’s routine has to be maintained as close to normal as possible, so Odette just kind of slots in! Or Maybe, Odette is just a little more chilled than Ivy ever was? Only time will tell I guess. And it could definitely all change…and quickly too!!

We are lucky enough to be enjoying some much needed family time whilst Rob is on paternity leave, so I will resume my blog properly once he has gone back to work next week.  For now I will leave you with these little snippets:

  • Ivy calls Odette ‘Baby Dett’.
  • Odette frowns in her sleep.
  • I have consumed alot of wine in the last 12 days!!
  • Odette only lost 4% of her birth weight and is now already above her birth weight at 8lb 13oz.
  • Every time we change Odette’s nappy, Ivy asks for her turn straight after.
  • The midwife signed us off with no problems.
  • I am feeling well and taking each day as it comes in terms of recovery.
  • Odette is absolutely beautiful!


Meeting Ivy for the first time…IMG_0395

Meeting her Grandparents…


Meeting her Aunties, Uncles and Cousins…


Thanks as always for following along with my journey through motherhood and for bearing with me at this special time.

Love, The Cherry Mama xxx


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