Ivy Turned Two!

On Wednesday, Ivy turned two!

How is it even possible that my tiny little Cherry Baba has upgraded from a non-verbal, immobile baby into a walking, talking toddler…let alone a two year old!! It just seems crazy that two years have passed since she was brought into this world and at the same time it’s hard to remember a time without her.  It feels like she has always been here.

She has grown from this cute little newborn into an intelligent, creative, independent, adventurous and loving child…

Over the past two years she has hit milestone after milestone, and each time it’s hard to remember what she was like before learning each new skill.  It’s hard to remember an Ivy that spoke no words.  It’s hard to remember an Ivy that couldn’t follow simple instructions.  In fact, it scares me how quickly we adapt to each new skill and how it is so easily forgotten what she was like before.  Which is why I am so grateful to myself for taking so many photos, for documenting our days and keeping an on-going record of life with Ivy on my Instagram account.

Just look at the difference one year makes…


We are so proud of the way our beautiful girl is growing and how much character she shows.  She is smart…sometimes too smart!! Her ability to pick up on other people’s emotions and feelings is incredible and she shows love and care through her actions and words to show empathy.  She is beginning to develop an imagination and will regularly offer Rob and I cups of tea and biscuits, which she quickly whips up in her kitchen.  Her speech has improved greatly over the past two months.  I remember not too long ago, I started a list of all the words she could say because I was beginning to worry after inadvertently comparing her to her peers…something I try really hard not to do, but sometimes completely unavoidable.  I soon gave up on the list as I realised she could say more than I had thought, and now it would be near impossible to list all her words because she will attempt anything and EVERYTHING we say! To the point that we have had to start taking care with our language around her and on a few occasions she has muttered the word ‘shit’- oops!!  Whilst playing and eating she shows excellent fine motor skills, and through the regular activities we attend each week she is developing great gross motor skills too.

Ivy has a strong network of family and friends, with whom she is nurturing excellent relationships and she talks about them all often.

She is gentle and caring, yet adventurous and resilient.  She is brave and strong, yet cautious and careful.  She is loud and ambitious, yet calm and reflective.  In general I believe we have done well to help nurture a very well rounded little lady.


Here’s to another fabulous year- and fingers crossed we have a little time before the ‘terrible two’s’ really kick in!!!



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  1. YellowSwifty says:

    Naw, sad that we can’t be there to watch her grow as well! 😦 xx


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