Welcome- We are the ‘Cherries’

Welcome! I’m new to this blogging game so thought I’d start with a quick introduction…

I am Hanna, wife to Rob, mother to Ivy- and we are the ‘Cherries’.

I absolutely love my job as a Primary School Teacher. Don’t get me wrong it comes with a whole world of stress, worry and paperwork; but when I consider it carefully and remember the pride it leaves me with knowing that I have had a part in shaping a young persons future, then I do- I absolutely LOVE my job!

As a young person myself, if anyone ever asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would tell them I wanted to be a mummy.  As a teacher you are so often looked up to for more than just knowledge and I am often called ‘mummy’ and sometimes even ‘daddy’ by mistake!!! So, I guess- I kind of got what I wanted.  Every year I have 30 new children to care for, nurture, educate and support.  30 children to worry about.  30 children to feel proud of.  30 children to wear me out.  30 children to cry about.  30 children to laugh with. 30 children to pass back to their parents every evening…OK, so maybe it’s not the same, but a close second!

Well, in October 2016, I did become a mummy, and my heart filled with love I never knew existed for my gorgeous baby girl Ivy.  I always knew I wanted children, but I couldn’t attempt to comprehend what it would be like.  Ivy fills me with joy, pride and love every single moment of every single day and I feel truly blessed to hold her and to call her mine.

After 8 months with Ivy, I now only have just under 5 weeks until I return to work.  Even though I love my new job as mummy- I haven’t finished playing my role as teacher.  I know that it will be incredibly hard to leave my baby, and there will be a whole host of new issues, worries, heartache and FOMO (I imagine there will be a blog about it much closer to the time) but at the same time I am looking forward to getting back into my career and having a new class- no longer a ‘mummy’ to 30, but a mummy to 31!!!

I hope to use this blog to share all of my adventures in motherhood with you…in particular our ‘Baby Led Weaning’ journey, which is only just beginning.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll join us.  Hanna & Ivy, Two Cherries, in it together xxx


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